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Summer Music Lessons in Long Beach and Lakewood

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Do your kids get bored in the summer? Well…we all know that there are a lot of things you can do in the summer to keep your kids busy in Long Beach and Lakewood!

Piano lessons are a great activity because learning to play piano keeps both your mind and body active, teaches patience and determination, lets you explore history and creative writing, and more!

Piano Lessons in Long Beach - Lakewood Area

Little Beginners

Age 3-6
30 min/week

For Kids

Age 7-12
30-60 min/week

For Teens

Age 13-18
30-60 minutes/wk

For Adult Students

Age 18+
60 min/week

What Makes Our Piano Lessons Different?


Each student finds their personal voice and inner strength; a piano teacher helps students discover music that moves them

Students of all ages and levels gain self esteem and practice discipline through personalized piano lessons.

Piano lessons build creativity by allowing students to be inquisitive and open to explore new styles and techniques.

When the music you are learning in piano lessons is brought to life underneath your fingertips, it fosters a long term love of music.
Piano teacher Christina and Student