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This policy is an agreement between Christina Lopriore and students who have signed up for piano lessons by Session. When you sign up for session piano lessons, you commit to the same time slot during the entire session.

All students who enroll in piano lessons with Christina agree to the following:


Your payment serves as a reservation of your time slot in the teacher’s schedule.

Payment Due Date

In advance: on/before the 25th of the next session. Each session must be paid for in full, in advance. Late payments will incur a late fee of $10 per student.

Refunds, Credits & Prorating

No refunds or credits are given.

Changes in Pricing

Lesson rates are applicable to the current session only. Small increases in rates may occur at the beginning of sessions.

Payment Forms Accepted

Payment is accepted in the form of personal check, cash, and credit card (Visa & MC – fees apply).

Returned checks will incur a service charge of $10 plus the amount due for lessons. Repeatedly returned checks may require alternate forms of payment.

Lesson Scheduling

The year is separated into three parts; Fall, Spring & Summer. Lessons are scheduled a few weeks before the start of the next session.

The schedule is based upon all students’ availability in each of the teacher’s service areas.

Students are not guaranteed the same lesson time slot year round.

Piano lessons are not available on major holidays (New Years Eve/Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day)

Schedule Changes

The time slot you select before the session begins is your time slot for the entire session.

If you need to change your time slot in the middle of a session because something else comes up, your teacher will make every effort to accommodate you; however, there will be a fee each time you change.

If the teacher needs to make a change to your schedule, there will be no fee.

Schedule change requests made on the day of the lesson will not be honored.

Discontinuing Lessons

The session option is a commitment for the entire session. By discontinuing lessons, you forfeit your lesson tuition.

Conduct & Learning Environment

For in home lessons, the student is responsible for providing an appropriate instrument.

Parents agree to be “silent observers” in order to facilitate a functional learning environment.

Students agree to regularly practice and record the time in the provided practice log.

Students agree to read the teacher’s notes each week prior to practicing.

The teacher reserves the right to end the lesson early if a student is acting inappropriately or disrespectfully.

Your teacher is allergic to dust, cats, and guinea pigs – please try to keep them out of the room where your piano lives!

Missed Lessons

If the teacher is absent on a scheduled lesson for any reason, a makeup lesson will be provided.

The following rules apply for students:


If your child is too ill to go to school, they are too ill to have their music lesson.

Students agree to cancel their lesson if anyone in the home is sick.

Appropriate reasons to cancel lessons due to illness include: fever, vomiting, severe coughing, or contagious skin rashes.

If your teacher arrives and it is evident there is illness in your home, the lesson will be cancelled with no makeup.


You may not skip payment or prorate for vacations.

Lessons missed due to vacations that do not fall on a federal holiday will not be offered a makeup.

School Trips

Missed lessons due to mandatory school trips (field trips, science camp, etc) will be provided a makeup lesson if advance notice is given.

Extra Curricular Activities (Sports, Dance, etc.)

Scheduled Lessons missed due to other practices, concerts, or games are not provided makeup lessons.

“Forgetting” Your Lesson

No makeups provided.

No Shows/Late Arrivals

If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, your lesson will be cancelled with no makeup.

Broken Bones

Students are expected to continue with lessons if a bone is broken unless it is impossible to sit at the piano bench or do not have use of either arm.

During this time, we will work on music theory, singing, composition, or (if possible) technique of the usable hand.

Extreme Situations/Emergencies

Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the teacher.

Makeup Lessons

If a lesson is missed for a legitimate reason, there are 3 options to makeup the lesson:

1) Reschedule the lesson to a different date
2) Add time to future lessons
3) Use the free 5th lesson in a month as a makeup lesson