What are the Rules?

Piano Lesson Policies

All students and parents agree to adhere to the studio policy. These policies are strictly enforced in order to give the best lesson experience possible. There are absolutely no exceptions.

Timely Payment

Payment is due in full, in advance in order to reserve your appointment.

We accept check, cash, or credit card. Credit card payment must be made via our online billing system.We do not accept Venmo or e-checks through PayPal.

Weekday Classes: Payment is due on/before the 25th of each month, for the following month, except for on Summer and special packages. If your payment is late, there is a late fee.

Sunday Classes: Payment is due on a specific due date before class begins.

Student Attendance

Students are expected to attend lessons consistently on their regularly scheduled lesson day and time.


If your child is too sick to attend school, your child is too sick for a piano lesson. Out of respect for your teacher and the other families who take piano lessons, DO NOT BRING SICK CHILDREN TO OUR STUDIO.

We reserve the right to cancel the lesson upon your arrival if you or your child is visibly ill, or if the child has stayed home from school (fever, vomiting/digestive issues, communicable skin rashes, and excessive coughing are all reasons to cancel).

Makeup Lessons/Rescheduling

Makeup lessons are only offered for excused absences. Excused Absences include Illness and Extreme Emergency.

Rescheduling is never allowed for lessons missed due to vacations, sports, open house, or other activities.

Missed Lessons by the Teacher

If your teacher is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, you will be offered an online lesson or appropriate options to make up for the missed lesson.


Piano lessons are not available on major holidays. All holidays have been factored into tuition and will not receive makeup lessons. View our calendar here.

Piano is not Childcare

Piano lessons are not childcare. I agree to pick my child up promptly at the end of the lesson. Repeated late pickups will incur an extra charge on my account.

Piano Lessons and classes are not eligible for tax deductions. We do not give students W-9 forms, and do not accept payment as a 1099 contractor.

Discontinuing Lessons

Sunday classes are non-refundable. If you choose to discontinue class, no refunds will be given.

Students enrolled in weekday classes must give 30 day notice.


Parents agree to be silent observers in order to facilitate a functional learning environment.

The teacher reserves the right to end the lesson (with no makeup lesson or refund) if a student or parent is acting inappropriately or disrespectfully.

No Refunds, Credits, or Prorating

We do not offer refunds or credits on missed lessons.

Current Safety & Health Policies

Coming to your lesson knowingly infected or having been exposed to COVID-19 is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the studio with no refund.