This program is designed to foster healthy practice habits, regular lesson attendance, appropriate goal setting, and overall improvement of playing and understanding of music.

The Star Program also allows students of all ages to take an active role in their learning and develop awareness of how progress is greatly affected by practice.


  • Regularly attend piano lessons
  • Create practice goals for each day
  • Complete music theory and songwriting assignments
  • Regularly record practice progress
  • Attend recitals or virtual performances

How it Works

Every week, students make a practice goal of how many minutes they think they can realistically spend playing piano each day.

For every day the student reaches their goal, one point is awarded for each day.

When the goal is met for all 7 days of the week, two points are awarded for each day.

SuperStar Piano Students

Jack is our winner for the 2016-2017 School Year! Not only did he have excellent attendance to his piano lessons – he practiced almost every single day from September through June! He chose a nerf gun as his big prize. BRAVO, JACK!