How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost?

Piano Lessons by Christina

I do not charge an hourly rate. The cost of your membership based upon a number of factors:

My piano lessons are competitively priced with other piano teachers in the Long Beach area. If you’d like to learn more about how I structure membership in studio, please read on…

Payment Plans to Fit Most Budgets

Lessons are available by month or by session.

– Monthly Payments are due on/before the 25th of the month (i.e. April’s payment is due March 25)

– Session Payments are due in full on the due date before the session begins.

New Student Registration Fee

A registration fee is due prior to lessons beginning.

Introductory Lesson

I am happy to provide an evaluation lesson for a one time fee if you do not wish to initially sign up for a package.

If you choose to sign up for lessons, this payment will be applied to your lesson package.

By Month

Commit to 4 months up front (one month)
Most Popular

By Session

Commit to 3 months upfront
Most Affordable

Single Lesson

Schedule one lesson at a time
Most Flexible
Set Schedule
Lock in a Lesson Spot: You Cannot Change Your Schedule
Flexible Schedule
You May Change Your Schedule With 30 Days Notice
Sick Days Allowed
One sick day allowed every 4 months
Holidays Off
Major holidays have been factored into your payment
Recitals Included
Credit Card Payment
Fees apply
Makeup Lessons for Sports/Other Activities
No makeup lessons unless you are sick.