How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost?

Piano Lessons by Christina

Tempo Music Lessons does not charge an hourly rate.

The cost of your membership is based upon a number of factors:

Tuition Payment Options

Piano lessons are available by month or by session at our studio on the Long Beach Lakewood border.

– Monthly Payments are due on/before the 25th of the month (i.e. April’s payment is due March 25)

– Session Payments are due in full on the due date before the session begins. Sessions must be paid for with a check or cash.

"My son was struggling with rhythm concepts and really frustrated with not being able to do simple things like keep time, clap to a beat or succeed in music class in school." - Beth Christina patiently worked with him and helped him way past this issue to playing both the violin and piano confidently. I believe it was her kind persistence as well as creative approach that helped him reach his goals. Thanks Christina!!