Need a place to practice piano?

Piano Practice Room Near Long Beach

Due to COVID-19, our practice rooms are currently unavailable.

Finding a quiet place to practice your musical instrument can be difficult in Southern California, especially if you live in an apartment or share a home with others.

We have a solution and have made our piano studio in Lakewood available for use as a practice room!

Perhaps you are a college student who needs to get ready for juries, or a pianist who just needs to be somewhere where you can dedicate all of your energy to mastering your music. Or maybe you don’t have an acoustic piano at home and would like to occasionally practice on one.

We’d love to help you!

Practice Room Rental Hours in Lakewood

All practice sessions are by appointment only. Please contact the office to learn more.


$30/hour or $18/half hour

Packages are available!

Our Piano Practice Room Features

The Rules