Playing piano should make you feel great! If it’s playing and singing popular music that does that, I’m not going to stop you, because you’re probably going to do it anyway (you little rebel, you!). Not everyone is destined to be a classical concert pianist, and I’m OK with that.

Let’s skip learning songs by watching “tutorial” videos from the amateurs on YouTube. That can make you pickup poor technique that will hold you back from taking center stage later. Instead, learn how to do it yourself from an experienced piano teacher – ME!

Don’t be fooled – this unique program geared towards ages 9+ is no less serious than traditional piano lessons. Becoming a RockStar is WORK and we’ll be doing a lot of it before you hop on that tour bus to impress the world!

As a young rocker, you will learn:

  • Age-Appropriate Popular Music
  • What A Lead Sheet is and How to Read It for Piano
  • How to Read Guitar Tabs on Piano
  • How to Make Chords on the Piano
  • Practicing Healthful and Soulful Singing
  • How to Transpose a Song So You Can Sing it Better
  • Perform on YouTube and/or Local Open Mic Nights
  • How to Write Songs for Voice/Piano
  • Recording Studio Experience with a Producer

Note to Moms & Dads: I always check with you first to make sure we choose music  appropriate for your child  – and we only serve sparkling cider at our after parties!

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