Hues & Harmony

Spring Piano Recital 2024 


We respectfully ask that you silence all electronic devices for the duration of the show.

Ella Ebong
Old MacDonald  (Piano Adventures Primer)**

Lucas Weir
My Invention  (Piano Adventures Primer) **
The Dance Band (Piano Adventures Primer)**

Charlize Rodriguez
L-O-V-E (Kaempfert/Gabler)**
Firefly (Piano Adventures 1)

Camila Bird
Surprise Symphony (Haydn/Faber)

Harper Graham
Ding, Dong! The Witch is Dead (Arlen/Harburg)
Yankee Doodle (Piano Adventures Primer)

Tyler Thai
Forest Song (Piano Adventures 1)

Wesley Brand
Awesome Creatures (Piano Adventures Level 2A)**
The Bubble (Piano Adventures Level 1)

Audrey Espinoza
Come See the Parade (Piano Adventures Primer)**

Brooklyn Harris
Lil’ Liza Jane (Piano Adventures 1)**
Sailing in the Sun (Piano Adventures 1)

Colin Weir
Lemonade Stand (Piano Adventures Primer)**
Copy Cat (Piano Adventures Primer)

Isabella Gaytan
Boogie on Broadway (Piano Adventures 1)**

Isabella Perez
Forest Song (Piano Adventures 1)

Sabella Srikongsri
Runaway Rabbit (Piano Adventures 1)

Naomi Valles
Once Upon A Dream (Fain/Bruns)**
Spanish Caballero (Piano Adventures)

Lucas Castro
Songs from the Gumdrop Factory (Piano Adventures 2B)

Dorothy Mooney-Hubbert
Energico (Piano Adventures 3A)
Cat Patrol (Piano Adventures 3A)

Riley Stetson
Minuet in A Minor (Henry Purcell)
I Spy (Melody Bober)

-Singing & Playing-

Camila & Ella
Better Place from “Trolls” Movie  (N’Sync)**

Tyler Thai
Pokemon Theme Song (Siegler/Loeffler)*

Audrey Espinoza
I Wouldn’t Mind (He is We)*

Sabella Srikongsri
Love Is Gone (Slander & Dylan Matthew)*

Izzy & Audrey
Count on Me (Bruno Mars)*

Dorothy Mooney-Hubbert
Someone Like You (Adele)*

 Special Recognitions & Group Photo

** Accompanied by Miss Christina

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