Beautiful Sounds – A Winter Spectacular

Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 3:00pm
Students must arrive promptly at 2:30

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
525 E 7th St
Long Beach, CA 90813

This recital will also be broadcasted live (info TBA)


Please do not leave valuables in your car and remember to lock it. More info TBA.


This is our yearly formal recital. Students should come dressed in their very best.

Policies & How to Be A Respectful Audience

The following is NOT allowed in the venue during the recital

All students have worked very hard on their pieces in order to be able to get them performance ready, and some may be a little nervous about being up on stage! Please be a GREAT audience and refrain from speaking to your neighbor during the performance (this includes whispering!). Always clap when a student has completed their piece.

We heartily welcome siblings and friends at our recitals. If your very little ones are being fussy during a performance, please try your best to gracefully step out of the room without disturbing the player (unless it is your child that is up there, of course!)

Please shut your cell phone off during the recital.

Student Sign Up Below

Enter the required information below, and you will be taken to a paypal page to make your payment. This payment helps me to cover the costs of the recital, including but not limited to: rental of venue and liability insurance.