Keep them out of Treble

For Teens

It can be tricky to capture the attention of today’s busy teen, but I’m up to the challenge. Most of my teenage students came to me when they were very young and have stuck with piano lessons for over 10 years, but I always welcome new students who really want to learn how to play!

In our piano lessons, I work closely with my teen students to develop an appreciation of music by allowing them to choose songs and pieces that they enjoy playing. Sometimes, this means learning a lot of pop/rock music. But don’t worry, parents – it’s still a little bit of hard work. In all piano lessons, I incorporate music theory and technique. I encourage all students regardless of age to experience learning at least one classical piece, along with their other “fun” repertoire.

It’s common for teenagers to lose interest in practicing piano, due to their busy schedules and schoolwork. I remember what it was like to be a busy teen, so I work with each student through these scheduling challenges to develop a practice plan that works best.

Piano lessons are available for teenagers at our Lakewood location, close to the border of Long Beach (across from the LB Town Center).

Group classes coming soon!

Long Beach Piano Teacher Christina Lopriore


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Chapman University (’05). I have been teaching piano, violin, viola, music theory & composition since 2003 in Southern California. I live in Long Beach, CA with my two rescue dogs, Buddy & Bebe!

It is my immense honor to guide students (& their parents!) through every step of the musical journey. As a creative piano teacher with a music degree and years of experience, I bring a fresh and patient approach to your piano lessons. Many of my pupils have gone on to be active in the performing arts departments at their schools, win awards, and study music in college.