Deluxe Piano Program

Unique Piano Lessons in Long Beach

The benefits of private piano lessons, PLUS more!

If you are looking for piano lessons in Long Beach that offer a well-rounded musical experience for your child, allows them to socialize with other students, and also encourages them to work individually, this is the class for you!

Our deluxe piano lessons are an affordable hybrid option for students who are ready to expand their horizons far past what we can cover in 30 minutes one-on-one.

This accelerated format allows students to experience music on a much higher level than they do in private lessons, but still receive the benefit of one-on-one time with the piano teacher.

How do we accomplish all of this?

Each class has 3 students in it, and the students rotate every 20 minutes between 3 stations:

Private Piano Lesson

One-on one time with the piano teacher in a traditional lesson format

  • Encouragement
  • Technique

Keyboard Lab

Independent practice time develops healthy practice habits

  • Sightreading
  • Dedicated Time to Practice

Theory/Ear Lab

Supercharges music knowledge through videos, worksheets, and more

  • Theory & History & Composition
  • Ear Training

 EXTRA BONUS! Group Piano Lessons

Occasionally, all three students in the class will work together as a group.

During this group time, students will either perform for each other, or will work together on collaborative pieces.

This is a great way for students to gain performance experience in front of their peers, in a non-intimidating and nuturing environment.

Deluxe VS Private Piano Lessons

In individual lessons, we focus mainly on PLAYING piano, so we often don’t have quite enough time to study all of the other aspects of music, such as sight reading, music theory, ear training, or music appreciation.

This class allows students to still retain the benefits of private piano lessons, but makes time to learn “all of the other stuff.”

An added bonus: this gives you a little time to yourself for an hour! Parents may choose to stay in our comfortable waiting area, or head out to the mall across the street to do some errands!

"Christina has been giving piano lessons to all three of my boys for almost 10 years. She has done such an amazing job with working three very different personalities in respects to taking piano lessons. She has always taken the time to listen and connect with them, not only as a teacher, but also as a friend. Christina has a wonderful teaching style in the sense that she meets the kids where they are so they are team working to learn piano. My boys love and respect Christina. "- Dena
Long Beach Piano Teacher Christina Lopriore


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Chapman University (’05). I have been teaching piano, violin, viola, music theory & composition since 2003 in Southern California. I live in Long Beach, CA with my two rescue dogs, Buddy & Bebe!

It is my immense honor to guide students (& their parents!) through every step of the musical journey. As a creative piano teacher with a music degree and years of experience, I bring a fresh and patient approach to your piano lessons. Many of my pupils have gone on to be active in the performing arts departments at their schools, win awards, and study music in college.