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Piano Lessons in Long Beach Area

Develop Excellent Technique
Play Music Fluidly
Fall in Love with Piano

Tempo Music Lessons offers piano lessons near Long Beach at our studio in Lakewood, California.

We accept students from age 4 to adult, of all levels and abilities.

The mission for our piano lessons is very holistic. We aim to allow students to discover the piano AND learn about themselves at the same time. We explore the instrument through gentle guidance on technique & posture, music theory, and appropriate repertoire for each student’s age, level, and interest.

Christina is an energetic and positive piano teacher with a university degree in music from Chapman.

Piano Lessons in Long Beach - Lakewood Area

Little Beginners

Age 4-6
30 min/week

For Kids

Age 7-12
60 min/week

For Teens

Age 13-15
60 minutes/wk

For Adult Students

Age 18+
60 min/week
Christina is the best. She was prompt, personal and inspired my 10-year old to stretch herself … the lessons were a welcome highlight with Christina. Her recitals were well planned, and she makes as big of a fuss about the beginners as she did the more advanced students. Genuinely kind and committed - Lisa

Highly Individualized Lessons

If you're looking for cookie cutter piano lessons in Long Beach or Lakewood, look elsewhere! In my studio, your experience is tailored to your exact needs. Students ages 4+ are accepted in my studio, and I am comfortable teaching students with special needs.

A Consistent, Reliable Schedule

Your piano lesson is an appointment reserved on the same day and at the same time every week. Your only job is to show up at the correct time every week, equipped with your piano books and a "ready to learn" positive attitude!

Practice Makes Progress

A lot of the real work happens at home when you are practicing! Kids and adults alike are encouraged throughout their piano lessons to make goals, take initiative, and practice daily on their own.

Get Up On Stage At Recitals & Concerts

We have our recitals and concerts at various venues across Long Beach throughout the school year. Performance is never required; all students enrolled in our program are highly encouraged to participate!

We Play Music Games

I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to make learning music fun! Sometimes, we play board or card games, and other times we improv at the piano. All students are granted access to an educational iPad game called Piano Maestro.

Easy Flat Rate Tuition - Everything Is Included!

Piano lessons are on a membership basis; we do not charge by the hour. Books & materials for class are included in your tuition. Payment is due on the same day each month by Check, Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal.


  • Proper Technique
  • How To Read Music for Piano
  • Music Theory & History
  • How to Play Classical Piano Music
  • How to Play Popular Music From the Radio
  • Healthy Piano Practice Habits
  • Write Your Own Music

Life Skills Developed in Piano lessons

  • Ownership of One-Self
  • Tap into Creativity
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Inner Courage
  • Self Respect & Confidence
  • Goal Setting

What Styles Are taught?

The focus of our piano lessons in long beach is mainly classical style up through the early advanced levels. That doesn't stop us from learning pop/rock and basic singing! All students learn HEALTHY technique.
Long Beach Piano Teacher Christina Lopriore


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Chapman University (’05). I have been teaching piano, violin, viola, music theory & composition since 2003 in Southern California. I live in Long Beach, CA with my two rescue dogs, Buddy & Bebe!

It is my immense honor to guide students (& their parents!) through every step of the musical journey. As a creative piano teacher with a music degree and years of experience, I bring a fresh and patient approach to your piano lessons. Many of my pupils have gone on to be active in the performing arts departments at their schools, win awards, and study music in college.