A Professional Piano Teacher with a Music Degree and EXPERIENCE

I have taught hundreds of students how to play the piano in the last 13 years! Many of my students have gone on to receive awards, become successful in their school music ensembles, and even study music in college.

My Piano Lessons are Fun and Personalized To Your Needs

I don’t believe that a piano teacher has to be overly strict. I take into consideration the reasons that each of the families I am working with are taking piano lessons and work towards appropriate goals for each pupil. We work hard; but you’ll barely notice.

My approach to teaching piano is hands-on and incorporates a mixture of traditional and modern methods. I get to know my students and their families and work closely with parents to foster a healthy mindset towards learning a musical instrument.

My mission is to guide each of my piano students to reach their highest potential, while also learning a lot about themselves and how they interact with the world.

I Have Realistic Expectations

Unlike many piano teachers in the past, I am modern and forward thinking. While I encourage all of my students to explore classical music; I am aware of what is happening currently in the world around me and build that into our curriculum.

I also happen to love rock concerts, so I know how to have fun

I Accept A Variety of Piano Students

Students from age 4 and up are welcomed to my piano studio. I am also willing to teach very mature 3 year olds from time to time.

I also welcome students with physical and developmental disabilities.

You Will Have A Chance to Perform

I have been hosting fun music recitals for my students for the past 10 years. Students of all abilities and ages are invited to perform. I never require it, but I highly encourage it!

Check out some videos and photos from over 10 years of my previous recitals here.

Easy Payment & Clear Policies

I accept credit cards and offer monthly and semester payment plans. All students adhere my studio policy.