Teacher Approved Keyboards for Piano Lessons

If you do not want to invest in an acoustic piano, I will still teach piano lessons to you; however, you must have an appropriate instrument. I highly recommend having a full size (88 keys), weighted keyboard, with a music stand and piano bench.

Do not buy a Williams or Suzuki keyboard. They are not suitable for piano lessons and have a tendency to break.

Approved Apps & Games for Learning Music

Rhythm Cat is a studio favorite for working on learning how to keep a beat!

Piano Maestro is a great iPad app that helps work on sight-reading in a fun way.

NoteSpeed was developed by a fellow piano teacher and it is a fun card game that we use to help quickly identify notes all over the keyboard.

Sheet Music Plus Rock

Please do not steal sheet music by downloading “free versions” from other websites! Sheet Music Plus is a great resource for pop music.

Books I Use in your Piano Lessons

Books are included in the price of tuition; however, if you’d like to purchase more copies, or get ahead a little, these are some of the books I use. I reserve the right to change piano books or levels if I feel a student would benefit from a different approach.