This online music theory course for beginners contains videos and downloadable exercises, along with quizzes and tests and will answer your questions:

  1. What are letters used for in music?
  2. How to Easily Find Note Names on a Piano Keyboard
  3. What is a Clef for? (G Clef and F Clef, and even a little C clef thrown in there)
  4. The Staff and Grand Staff, and how they relate to a piano keyboard
  5. What are INTERVALS and why are they so useful?
  6.  What is a SCALE?
  7. What is a BEAT?
  8. What are Quarter Notes, Half Notes, Whole Notes, and Dotted Notes?
  9. What is a REST?
  10. What is a TIME SIGNATURE?
  11. How to Use a Metronome to Help Keep A Beat
  12. What is a KEY SIGNATURE and why is it important?