VIDEO: Marathon Monday Motivation

April 18, 2016

I know Mondays are not everyone’s favorite day of the week, but they are mine! Keeping that in mind, I decided that I’m going to try to make a little motivational video to put out on Mondays, dealing with things I talked about in my piano lessons with my students over the past week.

So today just happens to be “Marathon Monday” where I come from (Massachusetts) and there are a bunch of people over there running 26.2 miles…for fun…

Now, this is something that I personally will probably never do because I don’t have the interest in training for a marathon, but I applaud and appreciate all of the hard work that each runner puts in when training for a marathon.

It’s a lot like learning to play a musical instrument, I think. Pure hard work. Endurance. And not giving up on yourself. Pretty commendable, if you ask me!

Along a similar vein, my “monday motivation” video today stresses two things:

1) Be Nice To Yourself
2) Don’t Accept Mediocrity