Piano Lessons in Long Beach - Lakewood Area

Little Beginners

Age 4-6
30 min/week

For Kids

Age 7-12
60 min/week

For Teens

Age 13-15
60 minutes/wk

For Adult Students

Age 18+
60 min/week
Piano teacher Christina and Student

What Makes Our Piano Lessons Different?


Each student finds their personal voice and inner strength; a piano teacher helps students discover music that moves them

Students of all ages and levels gain self esteem and practice discipline through personalized piano lessons.

Piano lessons build creativity by allowing students to be inquisitive and open to explore new styles and techniques.

When the music you are learning in piano lessons is brought to life underneath your fingertips, it fosters a long term love of music.

Blogs about Piano

Piano Lessons should be more than Reading Music and Technique

The entire vibe of piano education has shifted to a more holistic, creative, and contextual approach. This is key to nurturing a lifelong appreciation and love for music. After all, music is created by humans! Here are a few ways we achieve this in piano lessons!

What are the best keyboards for beginning piano lessons?

It is ideal to have an acoustic piano when taking piano lessons; however, sometimes this is not always possible. This article takes a look at a few options for digital pianos, and also talks about what to avoid when buying an electric piano.

How to Help Your Child Through Challenges in Music Lessons

If your child is complaining that they “hate” piano lessons, or that they want to quit, it may be your first instinct to say “forget it” and quit lessons. Before you do that, examine the reasons why they are saying they dislike them!