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Fun Halloween Piano Sheet Music

Are you looking for Halloween piano sheet music? You’re in luck – I’m a composer/arranger, and Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year! Admittedly, I’ve slowed down on composing a bit since going back to teach in person, but I’ve been trying to keep a little busy on some of my free days with arranging … Continue reading “Fun Halloween Piano Sheet Music”

Watch our Virtual Recital from June 2020!

What a crazy year it has been! Even though it has been challenging teaching piano online during the pandemic, my students have still had opportunities to perform, including a wonderful and uplifting online virtual recital last June. Watch the video here!

Spring Piano Lesson Recital 2017 in Long beach

Watch the videos from our Spring Piano Lesson Recital at First Congregational Church of Long Beach.

Coping with Stage Fright: Making Friends with Fear

“Imagine Everyone in Their Underwear.” This seems to be the go-to advice people give when someone needs help coping with stage fright.  I’ve never liked this advice, because it is a very lazy way of trying to help someone, and it makes light of a very real fear that many people have. If you’re afraid of … Continue reading “Coping with Stage Fright: Making Friends with Fear”

VIDEO: Marathon Monday Motivation

I know Mondays are not everyone’s favorite day of the week, but they are mine! Keeping that in mind, I decided that I’m going to try to make a little motivational video to put out on Mondays, dealing with things I talked about in my piano lessons with my students over the past week. So … Continue reading “VIDEO: Marathon Monday Motivation”

VLOG: NAMM 2016 Day 1 Recap

Today was a great day and I’m celebrating it with my very first VLOG  about my trip to NAMM 2016! Check out the video below, where we discuss: My Top 5 Choices Today for Piano Lessons at NAMM Soundbrenner’s Wearable Metronome AirTurn Wireless page turner ONSONG Chord Chart Management Bandzo Professional Backing JoyTunes’ Piano Maestro … Continue reading “VLOG: NAMM 2016 Day 1 Recap”

Practice Tips for Aspiring Musicians

For most people, having an interest in playing a musical instrument is not a problem. The trouble arises in keeping the interest when the realization occurs that learning how to play requires time and effort! Some children start off enthusiastic and excited about their first music lessons, only to seem to quickly lose interest after … Continue reading “Practice Tips for Aspiring Musicians”

How to Help Your Child Through Challenges in Music Lessons

In my career as a piano teacher, it has become very apparent that ALL music students (and musicians in general!) hit a difficult, trying point from time to time, where they feel the urge to give up. Usually this happens right before they progress to the next level of playing! I like to think of … Continue reading “How to Help Your Child Through Challenges in Music Lessons”

How to Be Patient With Kids

When I go somewhere and meet new people, they always ask me what I do for a living. Their reaction upon hearing I am a piano teacher  and that I teach kids of all ages is often: “you must be very patient.” Which is true. That’s not to say that I don’ t have my … Continue reading “How to Be Patient With Kids”

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