Piano Lessons in Long Beach, CA

piano Lessons for adults

Piano lessons aren’t just for kids these days- I offer piano Lessons for adults in Seal Beach and Long Beach. I have many adults coming to me saying, “I wish I had learned how to play piano” or “I wish I hadn’t quit piano lessons.”

That’s the great thing about being grown up – you can do [mostly] whatever you want.

So let’s get you started – you’ll be tickling the ivories in no time! I will have a limited number of evening spots open for adults who would like to engage in the serious but fun study of piano in Fall 2017. Adult piano lessons are available in Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, and certain parts of Long Beach (dependent upon my schedule). Please feel free to contact me using the form below to inquire further.

I started piano lessons with Christina long after most people quit! Her patience, knowledge, and “little tricks” saw me through over 5 years. I ended up enjoying the time spent at the piano, and still do, and I learned a lot about music and myself.

I have seen her work with kids and know she is always patient and understanding.

Go Christina!

– Jeanne, Adult Piano Student in OC