Policy & Rates

Serious Piano student

Piano Lesson Rates

I understand that price can be a big factor when considering which piano teacher to choose.

My in home piano lessons are competitively priced with other piano teachers in the Long Beach & Huntington Beach areas.

I do not charge an hourly rate. The cost of piano lessons in Long Beach and Huntington Beach are based upon a number of factors:

– my 14 years of experience
– convenience (lessons in your home)
– your choice of class length
– time of day of the scheduled lesson
– travel distance
– perks included in your membership to my studio (including but not limited to Piano Maestro subscription)
– prep work done by the teacher during off-lesson hours

Payment Plans to Fit Most Budgets

Lessons are available by month or by session.

– Monthly Payments are due on/before the 25th of the month (i.e. April’s payment is due March 25)

– Session Payments are due in full on the due date before the session begins.

New Student Registration Fee

A registration fee is due prior to lessons beginning.

Introductory Lesson

I am happy to provide an evaluation lesson for a one time fee if you do not wish to initially sign up for a package.

If you choose to sign up for lessons, this payment will be applied to your lesson package.

Studio Policy

All students and parents agree to adhere to the studio policy. These policies are strictly enforced and there are no exceptions.


Your payment reserves one appointment in my schedule weekly.

Payment is due in advance.

Payment is available by check, cash, or credit card (paypal or square). Check and cash payment receives a discount.

Refunds, Credits & Prorating

No refunds or credits are given. Lesson packages may not be prorated after the first month.


The same appointment is not guaranteed year-round.

Students enrolled by session are required to keep the same appointment for the entire session.

Monthly students have the option of changing their appointment with 30 days of notice.

Missed Lessons by the Teacher

If your teacher is sick or has a conflict with your lesson time, you will be offered a make-up lesson, or a Facetime/Skype lesson.

Missed Lessons by Student

If you miss a lesson due to illness or extreme emergency, you will be provided a makeup. Makeup lessons are scheduled based upon the teacher’s availability and may not be available in the same week. Makeup lessons do not roll over to the next session.

If you miss a lesson for any other reason besides illness, it is considered an unexcused absence, and the option to re-schedule or get a makeup lesson is not available.


If your child is too sick to attend school, your child is too sick for a piano lesson.

Out of respect for your teacher and the other families who take piano lessons, please cancel your lesson if you or anyone in your home is ill.

Because your lesson appointment is a time that has been reserved in the schedule just for you, a Facetime or Skype lesson will always be available during your appointment if you are too ill to have a lesson.

The teacher reserves the right to cancel the lesson upon arrival if it is discovered that there is illness (fever, vomiting/digestive issues, communicable skin rashes, and excessive coughing) at your home.


Vacations are considered an unexcused absence and will not be provided makeup lessons under any circumstances. Payment must be made in order to reserve your appointment.


Piano lessons are not available on major holidays.

Discontinuing Lessons

Monthly students must give 30 day notice to change their lesson or discontinue lessons. If you do not give 30 day notice, you are expected to pay for the following month.

Students enrolled by session will forfeit their payment if they choose to discontinue lessons mid-session.

Tax Deductions

Piano Lessons are not a tax deduction. I am not a childcare provider.


Parents agree to be silent observers in order to facilitate a functional learning environment.

The teacher reserves the right to end the lesson (with no makeup lesson) if a student is acting inappropriately or disrespectfully.

Your Instrument

A piano or teacher-approved keyboard is required to participate in piano lessons.

Acoustic pianos must be tuned by a professional piano tuner on a regular basis.

Please keep your piano clean at all times. Dust is bad for your piano.

Learning Environment

Please keep animals and other family members out of the room during your piano lesson in order to keep the lesson distraction free!

I will happily pet your doggies (but not your cats or guinea pigs – ACHOO!), and chat with siblings, but not during your piano lesson!