Piano Lesson Testimonials

Miss Christina has been teaching piano lessons and had hundreds of students in Southern California over the past 14 years!

Here are just a few testimonials from previous students and parents.

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Christina has been giving piano lessons to all three of my boys for almost 10 years. She has done such an amazing job with working three very different personalities in respects to taking piano lessons. She has always taken the time to listen and connect with them, not only as a teacher, but also as a friend. Christina has a wonderful teaching style in the sense that she meets the kids where they are so they are team working to learn piano. My boys love and respect Christina.

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Christina is fantastic! I took a few lessons with her in my early teens. She is so kind and really devotes time to help you completely understand the piece you are working on. She makes sure to connect to you on a personal level and keeps each lesson light and fun. I wish I had more time back then to devote to piano. I would have definitely continued my lessons with Christina if it had not been for such a busy schedule in high school. She really is the best! I would give more stars if I could!

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I started piano with Christina long after most people quit! Her patience, knowledge, and “little tricks” saw me through over 5 years. I ended up enjoying the time spent at the piano, and still do, and I learned a lot about music and myself.

I have seen her work with kids and know she is always patient and understanding.

Go Christina!

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My son was struggling with rhythm concepts and really frustrated with not being able to do simple things like keep time, clap to a beat or succeed in music class in school.

Christina patiently worked with him and helped him way past this issue to playing both the violin and piano confidently. I believe it was her kind persistence as well as creative approach that helped him reach his goals. Thanks Christina!!

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Christina was so patient in her lessons for my daughter. Over several years they progressed through piano, voice and violin!

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Christina is the best. We were blessed to have her come to our home. She was prompt, personal and inspired my 10-year old to stretch herself … the lessons were a welcome highlight with Christina.

Her recitals were well planned, and she makes as big of a fuss about the beginners as she did the more advanced students. Genuinely kind and committed 🙂