Piano Lessons in Long Beach, CA

Experience and Enjoy Making Music!

Private lessons with an experienced piano teacher are a great way to become a better musician, but I believe that they should also help you grow as a whole person in all areas of life…and BE FUN!

I am a piano teacher with a music degree from Chapman University, but I am NOT old fashioned. Since 2003, I have been making piano lessons convenient and easy for kids and adults across Southern California.

My experience as both a classical musician and my interest in many other genres of music allows me to blend traditional classical piano lessons with a modern, fresh approach.

I work closely with each student and develop personalized and individualized piano lessons to help them gain discipline, grow self esteem, and push past boundaries they never thought they could cross.

In piano lessons, we explore, write, create, question, and research together – as PIANO LESSON PARTNERS!

Piano lessons are available in Long Beach, CA. All that you need to start your journey as a musician is a good attitude and an appropriate piano or keyboard.

PIano teacher Christina Lopriore

I push each student to find their personal voice and strength; to discover music that moves them

Students of all ages and levels gain self esteem and discipline through personalized piano lessons.

Piano lessons help you learn to be inquisitive and open to explore new styles and techniques.

When the music you are learning in piano lessons is brought to life, it fosters a long term love of music.

What is Special About Piano Lessons With Christina?

Full Time Piano Teacher with Degree in Music

Realistic Expectations – Go At Your Own Pace

Lessons in the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Piano Teacher Since 2003

Highly Personalized Piano Lessons

Piano Maestro Subscription

Books & Materials Included

Learn How to Compose Your Own Music

Learn How to Improvise

Multiple Chances to Perform Each Year

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“Christina is the best–professional, talented, and very motivating. We love her teaching style and dedication and our daughter is so excited every time she gets to have lessons with Ms. Christina. We would highly recommend her! Thanks Christina.”

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“Christina has been giving piano lessons to all three of my boys for almost 10 years. She has done such an amazing job with working three very different personalities in respects to taking piano lessons. She has always taken the time to listen and connect with them, not only as a teacher, but also as a friend. Christina has a wonderful teaching style in the sense that she meets the kids where they are so they are team working to learn piano. My boys love and respect Christina.”

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“I started piano with Christina long after most people quit! Her patience, knowledge, and “little tricks” saw me through over 5 years. I ended up enjoying the time spent at the piano, and still do, and I learned a lot about music and myself. I have seen her work with kids and know she is always patient and understanding. Go Christina!”

A New Generation Piano Teacher

I would love to talk to you about your specific needs for piano lessons. Please use the form below to contact me.